TCC CLUB REGATTA (Dart Course ):


The Skippers' briefing will start at 10am - Race course, distance and rules will be confirmed and clarified. 

First race should begin by 11am ( unless arranged otherwise at the skippers' briefing)


Please find below the starting sequence for all TCC regattas

Expected Course:

Dart Practice course: Two laps, Each consist of going around the first two buoys and through the gate. Up wind start with port roundings

- Buoy 

- Start Line

- Committee Boat

- Wind indicator

-Start line
-Start line
-Start line

- Finish Line

- Gate

Class Flag Up

First Sign

The first signal is the Class flag being raised, This signals the beginning of the start sequence and the start of the 5 minute count down to the start.

P-Flag Up

Second sign

This is the second flag to be raised and is raised 1 minute after the class flag.. This means there are 4 minutes left untill the start of the race.

P- Flag Down

Third Sign

The P-Flag being lowered means that 4 minutes have passed since the begining of the start sequence and there is 60 seconds left till the start of the race.

Class Flag Down

Fourth Sign

The Class flag will lower at the end of the 5th minute this signals the start of the race.

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