The Catamaran Club is a private sailing club. Facilities are open to its members, members guests and day visitors. 

Day visitors who have an interest in sailing or windsurfing are welcome. However, if you intend to visit more frequently you will be required to sign up as a member. 
New members with an interest in catamaran sailing are welcome. 
Our competitive rates and beautiful facility have kept this non-profit club running successfully for over 30 years! 


Annual membership fees for existing members will be subject to a 10% premium you request authorisation to pay your fees monthly. Enquire with management. Membership fees are due at the end of March each year. Late fees attract interest, currently at 1% per month. Please refer to the Constitution should you fail to pay your fees on time or if you have not made payment arrangements.

Prorata Schedule for new Members. 

2020-2021 Fees

Please note the year begins in March 2020-February 2021 (new year to begin in March 2021-February 2022)

Joining Fee

R1650 once off


Site Fee

R8479.00 p.a.

Membership Fees

Junior Student R868.00 p.a.
Veteran Member R868.00 p.a.
Family R8479.00 p.a.
Single R7079.00 p.a.
Windsurfer R3025.00 p.a.


Storage of boats @ TCC per month

(Only available to members in excess of two boats)

Motor boats @ TCC R275 ea per month

Catamarans @ TCC R275 ea per month



SAS - Student School R103.00 p.a.
SAS - Student Tertiary R154.50 p.a.

SAS - Youth member Under 19 R257.5 p.a.

SAS - Social member R206 p.a.

SAS - Development member R15.00 p.a.

SAS - Temporary member R154.50 p.a.
SAS - Single R515.00 p.a.
SAS - Family R772.50 p.a.

BCF Water Fund: R250 per Member per year


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